Jeep add ons

Just for fun a 4×4 Sticker $9

The gas cap on the Jeep cannot be locked so I bought this locking cap $59

The gas tank on a Jeep is only 15 gallons so a 5 gallon Gerry can is useful $150 for the mount and $50 for the gas can.


Last time I rode the KTM 1190r

Be careful, it only takes a second to crash and end a great life on a motorcycle.

I miss riding this bike.

It was fast, thrilling, powerful.  The moto KTM ready to race is true. But I was not ready to race on the mountain road in Colorado.

I think from now I will be happy to be ready to ride. I’ll leave that racing to the pro’s.


Continental divide ride with Stever Alderson.

KTM 690 Air box Rottweiler

I installed the Rottweiler air box replacement for my KTM 690.

cost about $400 for whole kit.


Couple of reasons to do this.

  1. Get storage bag under seat
  2. Get real dirt bike oiled filter for protection in dust and sand
  3. more power and sounds great.


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Or you can watch an amateur do it.

both are useful and the internet has good still pics to watch while you put it on.