My previous motorcycles 19 so far

1975 Kawasaki 75cc monkey bike

I loved this bike. It was a 3 speed with no clutch, 2 stroke with auto mix. It never got any maintenance but just worked. I bought it for $75 with money I earned on a paper route. The was the beginning of my passion for motorcycles.


1962 Honda 65cc 

I bought this from a friend for $50, second gear didn’t work so you just had to shift up to third from 1st. It was my first motorcycle with a clutch. I beat the crap out of this bike. Frame is make of sheet metal and the front shock is a cantilever. I felt like I was riding a real motorcycle on this one. I took the motor apart thinking I would fix the second gear, that was the end of this bike. I am not a mechanic.


1975 Rickman 250

Now this was a real motorcycle. I bought it from a racer for $200. It was worn out. The piston slap was amazing. The compression was so bad it order to start it I had to take the exhaust off the head and spray starter fluid in the cylinder when it was cold. But the bike was fun to ride. I broke 14 spokes on the rear wheel when I didn’t quite make it over a ditch I  was trying to jump. Rickman was a very advanced bike for it’s time. The engine was Montessa.


1976 Suzuki TS 185 enduro

I wanted a street legal dirt bike and I was making good money as a janitor $200/hour, so I bought this bike new. It was a year old model that did not sell. Two stroke nothing fancy but was new. First new vehicle I bought. I think I paid $1600 for it and sold it for $500 less than a year later.



1975 Honda 350 four

I bought this from a friends dad for $500. I was set up for touring, Fairing and racks. I was going to travel the world on this bike. It did get some use but not enough. This bike is a collectors item. I sold it for the same as I bought it, in much worse shape. Did I tell you I never worked on any of my motorcycles. Not even an oil change. I like to ride them.


1982 Honda Express 50cc

I bought this brand new near Camp Pendleton for my college transportation. I had no pride at all. This bike worked perfect and never had any maintanience done on it either. Got about 100 mpg. cost nothing in insure or use.


1980 Yamaha XS 400

I bought this at a dealer for $300 in San Diego. It had a puddle of oil below the bike leaked more than a old Harley but ran great. Sold it for $75 to a friend in college. This was the first bike I mounted a tire on myself. The tire cost about $11 was a front with the parallel tread pattern, bad on rain groves. Very challanging with a couple of flat head screw drivers and a cressant wrench.

1985 Honda VT500 Ascot

I bought this from my best friend in college for $500, was a great bike. Shaft drive. Honda V twin, very dependable. This bike took me to Wyoming, Mexico and many other fun trips during medical school.


1982 Honda Goldwing 1200

I bought this salvage title bike when I was suppose to be getting the Honda Ascot a new tire. Saw this thing in the shop and had to have it. I paid $3000 for it. It was a terrible to ride. Felt like a car. Kluncky. It did a few long rides to San Diego but never turned me on. I sold it for $1500.


2002 Honda VT 750 Shadow

2002 Harley Davidson Road King

Chinese ATV 150cc

2002 Yamaha TTR 225

2002 KTM 520 EXC

This was my first real dual sport bike. I bought this used for $2900 and put a ton of miles on it. Was a great bike. Very lightweight, massive power, great suspension. Eventually every part was breaking so I had to either put a lot of money into her or upgrade to a new bike. I switched to a KTM 690, much heavier, slower, worse suspension, but new and dependable. When you are in the middle of the desert you want the bike to not fail you. I was a the point I just did not trust my racing bike. Always ran like it was Ready to Race, the slogan for KTM.


2013 BMW GS650 Sertao

This bike was a mistake, but did get me into the Adventure bike class. I traded in my Harley for only $5000 towards the $10,000 BMW. Then I put about $5000 worth of Touratech parts on it. I did ride the bike quite a bit 26,000 miles in two years. Sold the bike to a cousin for $6000. Good bike. Gutless as far as power. It is basically the GS650 Dakar but the motor is made in China that bothered me on a expensive BMW German bike. Lots of people put massive miles on these bikes. It is basically a very expensive KLR.


2014 KTM 1190r

I needed a larger Adventure bike. I was torn between the BMWGS1200 for $25,000 or this KTM 1190r for $16,000. Money talks. Also more horsepower. Better suspension. Much more dirt worthy. I should like a trophy truck with the stock exhaust. I can ride this on any road, most trails and carry an a passenger without even noticing the extra weight. Very fun.


2014 Harley Davidson Road King


2016 KTM 690 Enduro R

My KTM EXC 520 was just plain worn out. So I sized up a bite to the 690. It is actually very light weight and the tank being under the seat makes the weight even lower to the ground.  Basically an expensive KLR.


2007 Beta Rev3 250 Trials bike

I figured I need to learn and never grow up. So why not buy a trials bike.




San Francisco

Sunday Vicky and I went to San Francisco for a ride. It was 29 degrees when we left Sacramento and a loverly 55 degrees in the city by the bay. This is a great road everyone should try it. One direction and has a 15 mph speed limit. We got passed by a few cyclist. It is just beautiful.


KTM 690

2016 KTM 690



The protection for the motor on the KTM 690 was not good enough. It comes with a plastic bashplate, I up graded to the KTM aluminum bashplate and now bought a real one.

These bikes, almost all bikes now do not have any frame below the engine. The engine hangs from the frame, just waiting for you to bust it on some tree or rock.

Worth the investment.

The BlackDog Bash Plate is twice a large and three times heavier than stock.

Cost twice a much too.


It is made in the USA

Then I decided I needed a little wind shield for this dirt bike. I know it is starting to look more and more like a Adventure bike instead of a dual sport bike.

It is the KTM windscreen about $67 and very easy to install you have to be ready to drill four big holes in you plastic fairing. Make you you put them in the correct place.


You can see the dash on my 690 pretty well from here.

As you can see I have the Scott’s steering stablizeer with the dampened raised handlebar mounts. About $750 for the whole thing. I had the Scott’s box from my KTM 520 and saved about $400.

The Mirrors are Double Take, RAM mounted, also took off my old KTM520. You don’t have to give a buyer of your used bike any of your favorite stuff, Keep what you like for your next bike.  They cost about $120 for a pair including all the mounting hardware.

The GPS mount is RAM for my Garmin 62STC GPS, love that thing. Have a mount on all of my bikes. GPS is battery operated, I use rechargeable AA batteries. I tried hardwiring it into the bike was not worth the hassle. Cost of mount $45 and GPS was $400

The Cell phone mount is by Lifeproof, best cell phone mount ever. Better than the RAM claw holder. Cost $35

Handle Bar protection is by Cyrca, very strong. These require some aluminum bending to fit right and you have to cut off the ends of you clutch and brake levers. Cost $120. I should have been put them on before I fell over and broke my brake lever off. The Plastic protection that came stock on the bike is good for swatting bugs but not good for a real fall on rocks.

Thats it of for the front end so far.

I will be putting a USB charger on the bikes soon.


The KTM 690 has a gas capacity problem as do most bikes from the factory. I had to decide to I put on a RallyRaid tank kit for $3000 or do I put on a Roto Pax for $100 decision made. I didn’t want to do all the alteration to the bike and fuel pump anyway.

Actually it cost more than that because of the rear rack which is make by Tusk $180. Of note: I really though the Tusk rack and Touratech rack would work interchangeably no way. the hoope size is different. So I needed a kit to make the rack hold my RotoPax cost from Wolfman was $175, I know wow expensive. Can make your own for probably $30, I am just too lazy.

The bag on the rear rack is made by Moose Racing, $75, I really don’t like it. The rear top rack is make by Tusk it is loverly for $75, very sturdy.

All this stuff makes the bike heavy. You choose if you want to bring the stuff with you and do you want it on the bike or in a back pack on you your back. I will put on the bike.

Then I need to change a rear tire and a found there is no center stand not the 690 and I couldn’t pick the bike up high enough for my work stand, so I was left with the dilemma how to oil the chain and work on the rear end easily. The best solution is this KTM tract stand $80 and some lovely track stand pins $12. Easy as pie to lift the rear end in seconds, no effort. Love it.

The 690 in action


Finally stopped raining, until tomorrow.