I use to know more about bicycles than  medicine.


I have done two Ironman distance triathlons. Here I riding a Cervelo P2 at Cour’d Elene Idaho in 2006.  I did Canada Ironman in 1988. 20 years and 2 hours slower. Faster on the swim and about the same on the bike with a terrible run.


The next year I decided it was time to train for Race Across America. So I sold the Triathlon bike for a road bike. This is a Specialized Roubaux. A cheap $2000 carbon fiber bike. My first carbon fiber bike. I still have this bike with some much nicer wheels. I did the Pace Tour ET ride in 2008. We road from San Diego to Savanah Georgia in 17 days. This was enough to convince me I did not want to do RAAM.


I went through a few years of Recumbent bikes. This was expensive, fun and many bikes involved. I used them to commute

This is a Rans Stratus LE, a long wheelbased recumbent cost then about $1700 now is about $2700, I just looked at their web site. It was hands down the most comfortable bicycle I have every had. I added a electric motor to the front end, got lazy for commuting.


Then I tried to the get the family involved with tandems.

This is a Rans Screamer recumbent tandem, cost used was $2000, new is about $5000 plus. Hard for the driver to balance expecialy at low speed. Also it is possible to hit your heal on the front wheel while climbing, very scary.  I even rigged up a system for my kids to ride on the back. My wife only did a couple of rides, not enough to keep it.


I then got into recumbent trikes for awhile and still have the Greenspeed GTO


I even bought a recumbent Trike for my Kids, the KDX for about $350, very heavy but fun for a kid. Then in order to get them to ride with me I made a trailer hook up for it.  You get a lot of looks with this rig.


I wanted to go fast and after training for RAAM on a conventional bike I thought I could train for it on a recumbent. That was when I bought a light weight fast recumbent. This is a Bacchetta Titanium Aero. Cost about $4000, I gave to my friend and I hope he enjoys it. It climbs very good for a recumbent and can cruze easily at 25 mph on the flat without drafting. I could pass a whole string of bicycles that are in a draft, fun to do. The bike is a little scary on steep downhills. Many races done on this bike. Fond memories.


I road a bicycle across america alone in 1987. San Diego to Washington DC. 31 days. 3200 miles.  This was done on a bike Nashbar, mail order bicycle. $450 for the bicycle. Spent $500 on food in 30 days. Lost 20 pounds. I could use a trip like that again.


Check out this link for the full details of my Ride across america in 1987

I tried to take my kids with me on my bicycles

Here you can see my Trek Tandem with a kids tandem and the bicycle trailer attached. That was hard work. I was like driving an 18 wheeler down the road. We actually did several 50 mile rides with the kids this way. I still have the Trek Tandem. I bought it in 1993. I has survived much longer than any marriages of mine. The bike cost $1200. It’s a good bike and I still have it today.


The recumbent tandem, I tried to get kids to ride with me. He I am the only one peddling. It was hard and not that much fun for anyone.  With bicycling you should not do something that is not fun, especially with kids.


One of my new additions is an Electric bicycle. It is a Prodechotech cost about $1500 and weighs too much. Goes very fast 25 mph, range is about 18 miles. But there is not way you are going to ride the bike without the motor.  Also even though looks like a mountain bike if you take if off road it breaks. I do not recommend it, unless you just want a electric bicycle. yes it is pretty. though.



Tire changes.



If you ever want to watch a man suffer just watch me change a tire on a motorcycle. Just when I think I have figured out how to do it a new twist emerges. This time a front tubeless tire on my KTM 1190r. Let’s just say there was some bleeding and moderate to severe pain involved. Now I just need a rainless day to see if she wobbles at high speed

Real adventure riders change their own tires.


The first time I change the rear tire on the KTM 1190 I was amazed how easy it was, it was first time doing a tubeless tire. One hint is use a blow dryer to warm up the tire before you put it on. Lovely.

I have changed many tires on my KTM 520 as they only last around 1000 miles but This was the most difficult tire I have ever put on. Just what a surgeon should be doing with his hands. They will heal by Monday.


This was the first time I had to fix a tire in the field. It was on a BMW GS650 Sertao, rear tire with tube change. Didn’t go too bad. Must haves are center stand and some lubricants. This was first time being a big boy by myself.


I even change the tires on my kids bikes. They are not easier. Just smaller.

Just when I think I am good at changing tires I struggle with a new one. The Hindanaeu scouts are very stiff. I guess that’s why they last longer 

1 and a half hour of blood sweat and pain.  

I always try to use the tools I carry with me on the bike.  After all this is practice for a flat in the middle of no where.    I’m doomed. 

Trials riding at Prarie City

I wanted to take time off work. So I gave up the third Tuesday of every month Operating Time to ride motorcycles. Today, I had to ride alone. Need to get my neighbor, Mike, to come out and play. This is the best I can do on my own. It was really cold. The nice thing about trials riding is you work up a sweat and you don’t make much of a wind chill as the riding is very slow. Nice day. enjoy the video.

Running in the Past

2013 after not running a marathon since I did Cour d’Arlene Ironman in 2006, I ran my last marathon with James my friend from many years. It was his first marathon and what better one to do than LA. I did LA with Joe in 1991 I think. Life goes on as long as you keep moving.

la-marathon-finish-with-jamesFrom 1983 to 2013 I have ran about 18 marathons. I use to think every year I ran a marathon, I wasn’t going to die that year. Training for one makes you get into better shape.

College triathlon at UC Sam Diego  we raced in speedos and thought we we’re cool. 1988. 

My first doing the Davis Double Century. 1988 did it 6 more times 

My first triathlon 1983. Chucks triathlon. 

Trials Riding

As if I didn’t need another motorcycle. I got it into my head I needed a trials bike to learn how to jump logs. They only weigh 150 pounds, that about 600 pounds less than my KTM1190r loaded.

Today went out for a little ride in the back yard.

I am brand new to this riding so don’t expect me to be jumping up on boulders or doing wheelies just yet.