Tire changes.



If you ever want to watch a man suffer just watch me change a tire on a motorcycle. Just when I think I have figured out how to do it a new twist emerges. This time a front tubeless tire on my KTM 1190r. Let’s just say there was some bleeding and moderate to severe pain involved. Now I just need a rainless day to see if she wobbles at high speed

Real adventure riders change their own tires.


The first time I change the rear tire on the KTM 1190 I was amazed how easy it was, it was first time doing a tubeless tire. One hint is use a blow dryer to warm up the tire before you put it on. Lovely.

I have changed many tires on my KTM 520 as they only last around 1000 miles but This was the most difficult tire I have ever put on. Just what a surgeon should be doing with his hands. They will heal by Monday.


This was the first time I had to fix a tire in the field. It was on a BMW GS650 Sertao, rear tire with tube change. Didn’t go too bad. Must haves are center stand and some lubricants. This was first time being a big boy by myself.


I even change the tires on my kids bikes. They are not easier. Just smaller.

Just when I think I am good at changing tires I struggle with a new one. The Hindanaeu scouts are very stiff. I guess that’s why they last longer 

1 and a half hour of blood sweat and pain.  

I always try to use the tools I carry with me on the bike.  After all this is practice for a flat in the middle of no where.    I’m doomed. 

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