Maui road to Hana

Too much rain in California, so we went to Hawaii and rented a few bikes for the road to Hana ride.

The Rental company will tell you not to go around the island because the road is off limits. Just go, the road is fine and very fun.

On the West end you need to enjoy the Blow Hole.

Affordable Panniers  

A set of alluminum can cost more than $1500 for Touratech even a set of soft bags by Moske can cost the same.

Can you get a complete set for less than $400?  Of course.  Tusk panniers are $380 racks and boxes included. Tusk can make just about everything cheaper.  Many will say you get what you pay for.  I say sometimes “the evill of good is better.”

The pictures are from my son in law’s Kawasaki KLR 650, brand new bike, needs to get it set up for traveling. I think he did a great job putting them on.

Follow the you tube video by Rocky Mountain ATV and you can not go wrong.

Click on the link to buy a set for yourself. Can you go wrong for less than $400 complete. I will ask Juan.


I have literally probably done a thousand races over the past 30 years.

Runs, Bicycle rides, Triathlons, you name it.

We use to get these really little free pictures in the mail to try to get you order the nice one. I was cheap just about never ordered a photo. I don’t have a single photo from the Ironman Triathlon I did in Canada in 1988. I was poor.

I was so cheap that for some races like 10K’s I would find a old number that was the same color as the one for the race and use it to get in. Hey it worked and I had fun.

I am feeling fat, old and lazy today. Time to get moving and train for another race.